Helicopter Crane

Austcopters can provide helicopter crane and aerial lifting at cost effective rates compared with ground based crane hire.  Transit and setup times are significantly reduced for helicopter cranes, this is a significant advantage for high traffic areas where roads or areas would need to be closed for extended periods of time.  Helicopters have the advantage of lifting loads to high altitudes (for example on top of buildings or mountains) or across difficult terrain.  Helicopter crane precision lifting also allows for very accurate positioning of the slung loads into th emost difficult places.

The helicopter as a high powered lift vehicle has proved invaluable in the construction industry for various applications and in industries, such as:

  • Mining Services,
  • Oil and Gas Exploration,
  • Transmission Tower Construction and Repair,
  • HVAC & Generator Installation,
  • Helicopter Concrete Pouring,
  • Spa and Pool Lifting,
  • Emergency & Rescue Services,
  • Heavy Equipment Lifts across marine or difficult terrain.

Austcopters' number one priority is safety for your helicopter lift job.  We conduct a safety management audit to identify any hazards or risks that might be involved to enhance safety and comply with all government regulatory requirements.